Intervention Aroostook 11-22-22

Intervention Aroostook 11-22-22
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 8:24 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Opioids can be prescribed for several conditions, but when it comes to becoming addicted, pharmacists can play a role in assisting and finding resources to help. Newssource 8′s Vanessa Symonick has more.

Jessica Bates - Pharmacist- AR Gould: ”In the last probably five to ten years opioids were used pretty extensively for chronic pain, and it was very easy to go to the doctor. Doctors were apt to prescribe opioids for a vast variety of things and it resulted in a lot of patients becoming addicted or dependent on medication.”

Jessica Bates is a pharmacist at AR Gould and recounts her experiences throughout the past couple of years surrounding the topic of opioids and becoming addicted. It’s not just doctors who can provide insight on the topic of addiction, but pharmacists can too and come up with a plan for patients.

Bates: “They also have the ability to look at each patient’s case kind of independently and giving them, you know an individualized recommendation or plan about possible alternative medication. Ways to lower your opioid dose or even stop it safely.”

And Staying on the topic of stopping the use of opioids safely Bates wants to remind people that there is a proper way to stop your use of opioids and it really shouldn’t be done suddenly.

Bates: “It’s also not safe to stop opioids all of the sudden. You should really you know discuss this with your healthcare providers before you attempt to stop opioids all together.”

And finally, when talking about the possible strategies for someone who may be becoming addicted she has this message:

Bates: “The message I want to send is ask for help. This is a very common problem unfortunately, but because its become more common I think most people in healthcare are very well versed in how to have these conversations with people and we’re here to help.”

Vanessa Symonick, Newssource 8