Training horses on a treadmill. Update on Neal Grass’s season at the track.

Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 10:50 AM EST
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BRIDGEWATER , Maine (WAGM) - The Harness racing season is wrapping up for one area horseman. While racing continues at Cumberland for another few weeks, Neal Grass of Bridgewater is giving his horses a break. It’s been a long few months since we caught up with Grass at his farm training his horses on a treadmill to prepare them for the start of the season.

It was early April that Neal Grass was wrapping up a winter of training his horses on a treadmill. Grass built the treadmill because during the winter his small training track was snow covered and icy and not usable for conditioning his stable. He is wrapping up a very successful season for him and feels the use of the treadmill was a major reason for the success.

Neal Grass:” I think the treadmill helped us a lot. Being able to get the horses exercised and get them legged up before we actually took them to Bangor.”

Grass was browsing through his scrapbook and talking about the winner’s photos of his horses. He visited the winners circle 19 times had 15 seconds and 25 thirds out of 118 starts.

Grass:” We were very fortunate to get some of the best drivers to drive our horses this year. I think that really helped and just a good team all the way around.”

The veteran trainer owner also was showing off video of one of his horses Creepin racing down the stretch and winning this race in a six wide finish. Grass traveled to state attending extended meets in Cumberland and Bangor and also following the fair circuit. He said that another major factor to his success was stabling in Bangor and not racing out of his farm in Bridgewater

Grass:” Having the horses stabled there and just being at the track. Many horses jogging everyday. Just being there with all the other horses and I think it put them in more of a race attitude.”

The horses are now back on the farm and enjoying some downtime, but it won’t be long before they are back on the treadmill to begin training for another year of racing

Grass:” We are going to try and get them started on the treadmill even earlier. The beauty of the treadmill is even with the short days when I get home from work at night, I can put them on the treadmill inside the barn. I think that will be key to get started even earlier this year than we did last year.”