County hospitals help support schools with flu outbreaks

Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 1:13 PM EST
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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine (WAGM) - Schools have been dealing with outbreaks of flu over the last few weeks.

Kris Doody, the CEO for Cary Medical Center says, “We’ve actually hosted a number of vaccine clinics in a number of schools and actually had a pretty decent attendance, not as great as past years, but we have been hosting clinics. And yeah we will work with any school department, any school nurse, we often do hear from school nurses. Whether they want to zoom, call or talk about their current situation. We’re here and available because anything we can do to control it in the community. We’re with them.”

Shawn Anderson, the CEO of Houlton Regional Hospital adds, “I think the hospitals have become kind of the, the front of public health during the past three years. And we took that very seriously and I think that lives on in our communities. The communities have relied on hospitals to help with certainly the Covid issue, but even now, as they’re seeking information about influenza A or R S V, we continue to work with the community to communicate health alerts to the community to just educate. And certainly that goes for the schools as well. Pretty constant conversations with school officials to ensure that they’re taking the right steps to move their organizations forward.”