Young and Hungry, Vikings Striving To Put Caribou Back On The Map

Published: Jan. 12, 2023 at 10:05 PM EST
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) -Young and Hungry, It might sound cliché to say but that’s who the caribou Vikings girls’ basketball team is.

While this label will be on the team throughout the rest of the season, They are striving to get Caribou back on the map.

Selena Savage:” Obviously our team is very young still, but i would say like just even in the short amount of time from the beginning of the season till now , we’ve grown a lot. So i think we have a team that’s willing to grow and adapt together and that can usually create something good”.

The Caribou Vikings are off to a great start this season at 4-2, with one of their biggest wins coming off an upset win over the Ellsworth eagles. The players describe their team as having great chemistry that comes from playing other sports together and the work put in the offseason.

Madelynn Deprey:” I believe it’s really important to play more than one sport, just to stay athletic (dissolves to) and although soccer isn’t like my favorite thing to do, i still play it because keeps me running, keeps me in shape, and it’s like the same girls that play every sport, so we stay together”.

Selena Savage: " I actually think that plays a part in why our chemistry is so good is because it wasn’t just one girl working in the offseason, like we all met up at the gym during summer when we didn’t have to and played together and stuff like that it creates a good bond”.

For Head Coach Kayla Brown, The Vikings are looking to play at a faster pace this year, stepping up the intensity on the court to create more opportunities for the team to score.

Kayla Brown:” Were looking to play a fast-paced game this year, i tell the girls all the time it starts with your defense, we want to be intense, we want to pick up that defensive intensity, and so far, i think we’ve done a good job with that. Biggest thing is were going to make mistakes, but we got to make sure were working hard every game”.

With every game they will compete in, it starts in the preparation before gamedays. And with much more of the season still to go, Coach Brown is feeling confident about her young team.

Madelynn Deprey:” Every practice we come in and were ready to work, the energy is always really good in our practices, we have a lot of clapping, lot of cheering each other on, like even when we’re doing sprints back and forth, those are always hard in practice but were still cheering each other on”.

Kayla Brown:” We got our goals set high, like i said were still young but we want to achieve big things, I think we’re capable of that when we’re playing well, they really proved that”. (dissolves to) you know I think if were playing well and were working hard, we can compete with anybody”.

the adversities this team will face will pile on in different ways as they continue through this season, but if they can overcome it and make the most out of the opportunities given to them, there’s no telling how far this team can go.

Jonathon Eigenmann, newssource sports.