Former Employees Removed from Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center Without Incident

Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 8:30 PM EST
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The order for the former employees of the Presque Isle Inn and convention center to vacate the premises was upheld despite the winter storm. Newssource8′s Brian Bouchard was there and has the story.

On a day where most people stayed home and out of the elements, The former employees of the Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center packed what belongings they could into their moving trucks and their vehicles in order to comply with the city’s order to vacate the premises as of 3PM Friday Afternoon.

“They were so ready to get everyone out of here they even had the police thinking we were loading up TV’s. I came and showed them an empty u-haul truck” says Maurice Womack, Former Head of Maintenance

“Yesterday I talked to Tim St. Peter, asked him, begged him to give us a little more time because of this storm. We’ve had several of our family members/employees go off the road last night because of this and I just hope he can live with his decision and I hope he realizes he’s ruined and impacted a lot of lives.” says Tina Whiddecombe, Former Night Desk Manager

“How is that even humane? I fail to understand and I fail to see where the concerned citizens are genuinely concerned here.” says Kerine Elliott, Former Head of Houskeeping

“I have no words, I have no words, look at what you’re doing to these people! The fact that we could get felonies for being here past 3PM…these guys are trying their damn hardest, they’re all overly exhausted, they’re all starving, they haven’t had time to eat.” says Sierrah Nelson, Former Bartender

“The snow coming down the way it is, the very minimal resources we have due to closures due to the weather. We are in a very, very, *expilitve* predicament right now. A lot of us came here with nothing and are leaving with nothing. Every single one of us are being ripped apart. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.” says Elliott.

None of the employees have heard from owner Cang Quach since Monday when he initially announced to the former staff of the indefinite closure of the Inn.

“When you come here and you make this place your family, and we leave…were still family and I can tell you, that is something Cang or this town will never be able to take from us…never.” says Elliott.

The former employees had 2 days to come up with alternative housing. Some were able to secure hotel accommodations at other establishments, some to take advantage of resources available by community partners.

“I have a friend to stay with, I got a storage unit to put all my stuff in, so I’m fortunate in that. I feel for everybody else around here because they don’t have as many options.” says Nelson.

“We have people who are sleeping in their vehicles with their animals because they don’t have anywhere to go because our resources are minimal right now and we are just being kicked out on our *expletives* in the snow, in the rain and nobody cares.” says Elliott.

As the clock struck 3, all of the former employees left on their own volition, and no one was charged with criminal trespassing or arrested. At precisely 3:02 PM 9 police vehicles, both marked and unmarked arrived onscene along with a representative from the Presque Isle Fire Department and a Locksmith. Shortly after 4PM it was reported that the building was secure. The former employees say they will be pursuing legal action on multiple parties, but do not wish to disclose who at this time at the request of their attorney.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8