Easton Bears Hope To Ride Hot Start Into Bangor

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 9:43 PM EST
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Easton, Maine (WAGM) - The Easton Bears boys’ basketball team came out of the gate strong this season, winning 9 out of their first 10 games of the year. The Team has had the unique benefit of retaining their core players from last year and hope to ride their newfound success into Bangor.

Evan Carver:” Our team is very strong as a whole, we commit to defense and offense, try our best to get the ball in the basket, pass around, make sure we get the win in the end to make sure that we get to (the) tournament and compete for the gold ball”.

The Easton Bears have been making some noise this season with their play, putting together a string of wins. The team is embracing the underdog mentality as well as being ferocious on defense.

Evan Carver:” We have the underdog type mentality, people think we’re not going to make it, were not strong enough. But In the end with our aggressiveness, I believe will make it far”.

Ben Wipperman:” We already have a very strong defensive presence, You know our defense is ruthless, pretty fast, and you know good hands, so intercept passes well, also a good rebounding team”.

Head Coach Dan Warren is very impressed with how his team has played this season and believes the team embodies other good characteristics then just being a good defensive and rebounding team.

Dan Warren:” Boys like to think that we have you know a big defensive team and a big rebounding team and all of that is true, were not bad. We’re a smart team though, They won’t tell you but they are one of the smartest groups of kids in the county and you now i can throw almost anything at them and they will be able to pick it up, memorize, they will be able to go with it, their also a very humble and kind group of kids, they just so happen to be really good basketball players as well so. Those things combined, couldn’t ask for much more”.

The Team’s likely destination will be in Bangor for the tournament and while some concern is about their inexperience playing in the tournament, they are excited for what’s to come.

Dan Warren:” It will be a lot of the boys first time seeing the Bangor floor. so I think that first hurdle, that first shock of seeing the lights and the awesomeness of the crowds on both sides I think is going to be one heck of a ride for them, you know fortunately I think their looking forward to it, as am I. I think if they can squeak a win out you know if were able to make it there, that would be a great opportunity and a great burden lifting off the shoulders after missing out over the past few years”.

Getting those wins to lift those burdens down the stretch will be determined on their ability to win close games, and if they can execute down the stretch, Easton could make themselves a big contender in the class d north.

Jonathon Eigenmann, newssource sports.