Property Crime/Mental Health Calls on the Rise

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 4:14 PM EST
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Crime is on the rise in the county with police responding to more calls regarding theft and mental health.

Lieutenant Brian Harris of the Maine State Police says it’s a good idea to lock your door when leaving the house, and not to leave your keys in your vehicle.

“We have noticed a lot more burglaries, thefts, the property crime stuff. Luckily for us there’s not a lot of what we call “in person crime”, the assault, the rapes, things like that, but property theft crimes have been on the rise.” says Harris.

Chris Hayes, Deputy Chief of the Presque Isle Police Department says they’re responding to more individuals going through a mental health crisis.

“Just in 2022 we did over 12000 calls, so we’ve had an increase of 57% in our call volume. Most of the problem was mental health cases a lot of mental health problems. Of course the mental health situation is the worst it’s ever been, they’ve been devastated by staffing problems.” says Hayes.

Both officers say being aware of your surroundings and ensuring your property is secure are some of the best ways to protect yourself and your belongings against what they are seeing.