Washburn Lady Beavers Building Confidence and Skills Every Game

Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 2:51 PM EST
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Washburn, Maine (WAGM) - The Washburn Lady Beavers Entered this season with a changing of the guard as Crystal Hobbs Took over for Ron Ericson as head coach. With the team still fairly green, Coach Hobbs hopes to build up their confidence and develop their skills on the court.

Crystal Hobbs:” We knew at the begining of the year that we had a lot of growth that we needed to do, and im proud of how far they’ve come, i have still have a lot of expectations for what i want to see from them before the season is over with but thus far, you know i’m proud of the effort and work they put in”.

The Washburn Girls Basketball team entered the season with new coach Crystal Hobbs at the helm, Hobbs is very familiar with the Beavers program, as a former player and an assistant Coach under Ericson. And so far this season she is already instilling a lot of confidence and courage in her players.

Madelyn Johnston:” We do kind of struggle with confidence but our coach usually gives us a good boost before our game to then have a pretty good mindset going into the game”.

Chelsea Hobbs:” That’s one thing she’s like implanted in our heads since day one, she’s taught us to be warriors and to be strong, not just with the ball but like in ourselves like be strong know that we can do it”.

And as they go through each game, the work being put into the practices will shine forth on the court.

Chelsea Hobbs:” our practices and games after practices you really see things we work on in practice start to form in our games. Some games you really see it come out and then others; we have our off games like every team but, its really cool to see the good come out of each game”.

with every game that passes for the beavers, Coach Hobbs wants to focus more on setting personal and team goals that shows the growth of the players

Crystal Hobbs:” Every game i set personal goals, i set goals for the team and regardless of if I think its a winnable game or it may not be, we’ve got benchmarks i want to see along the way, for each one individually and for the group as a whole. So, success to me even if its a big loss, if they hit those particular goals that showing the growth that we’ve been looking for”.

It’s no secret to this team that much more work is needed to be done. but as the beavers continue on their journey, we might see a different, more improved, and highly confident team then was shown at the start.

Jonathon Eigenmann, newssource sports.