Edward Wiggin, Presque Isle Historical Society 60th Anniversary

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 12:36 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - “Right across the street from the Maysville Museum is a house that was at one time, the post office. Or at least the home of the Post Master for the town of Maysville. That postmasters name was Edward Wiggin and he was a fascinating man. He was born in Bangor, in 1837. Moved to Aroostook County in 1854. And his first job in Aroostook County was as a teacher in Hodgdon. Then he went into the Civil War, as most able bodied young men did at that time. When he came out, he went to Fort Kent, where he served as the customs collector. And just such a varied and fascinating career. He was the superintendent of schools. He served in the Maine senate. He was a master in the Maine State Grange. He played a very important role in us getting the Normal School here in Presque Isle, which today we know as the University of Maine at Presque Isle. And he also wrote a book. The History of Aroostook. Now he passed away in 1912, but the book was published posthumously in 1922. And it’s said that, during the course of his varied career, he visited every single community in Aroostook County and talked to all of the pioneers in those towns, to gather his information. I like to call Edward Wiggin a Renaissance man, which I think a lot of our early settlers were because of all the involvement within the community that they had. In the Edward Wiggin exhibit, we have his book, the History of Aroostook, which was published posthumously in 1922. We have the Rolan Colby Attlas page for Maysville showing where his property was, which is right across the road from the museum. We have two photos of him. We have enlarged documents showing that he was the collector of documents in Fort Kent. That he did serve in the civil war and actually there’s a photo of his grave stone, which is in the Johnson Cemetery right down the street as well.” -Kim Smith, the Secretary/Treasurer Presque Isle Historical Society.