Blowing Snow and Brutal Wind Chills Expected to Impact the Region Today

Vanessa's Friday Morning Forecast
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 8:47 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Good morning and happy Friday. We started the morning off with few clouds, but as we got into the course of the morning they quickly broke apart allowing our temperatures to plummet. We likely reached our high temperature for the day just after midnight when we were into the lower 20s.

Frostbite Time
Frostbite Time(WAGM)

Looking at our temperature trend, temperatures will continue to drop. By the afternoon, we will be closer to the 20s below zero. By the late evening, this is when I am expecting those dangerous wind chills and the coldest of the temperatures, so you will need to bundle up if you do have to head outside because frostbite will be very likely on any exposed skin within minutes. That is why the National Weather Service continues to place the county in a wind chill warning through the evening hours of tomorrow.

This Morning's Weather Setup
This Morning's Weather Setup(WAGM)

This morning’s weather setup shows the arctic front crossing into the region. It does have the possibility of creating some scattered snow showers into the region and while they won’t amount to much it will make for some dangerous travel conditions both this evening and into tomorrow because of the change in wind direction and the presence of those gusty winds.

Blizzard Warning
Blizzard Warning(WAGM)

That is why the National Weather Service has also placed the county in a blizzard warning through the evening hours of Saturday. Because the blowing snow will reduce visibility significantly and we will have those gusty winds, we are looking at potential blizzard conditions. What we do have going for us is that we haven’t had much snow accumulate from that round of snow showers so there won’t be a lot to blow onto the roadways with the exception of some additional snow that isn’t packed on the snowbanks.

Tonight's Lows
Tonight's Lows(WAGM)

Timing out the rest of today for you, plenty of sunshine builds into the region. We will see few if any clouds throughout the daytime. That’s also what is allowing our temperatures to consistently remain cold. We don’t have any clouds blanketing the region to provide that daytime heating. Clearing skies do look to continue into this evening as well. Because of that, our actual air temperatures will plummet this evening into the twenties below zero. So if you do not have to be outside this evening, it’s best to stay inside.

For more on today’s forecast tune into this morning’s Weather on the Web Video Forecast. Have a great day and stay warm!