Tracy Guerrette returns to Wisdom High School

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 5:29 PM EST
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ST AGATHA, Maine (WAGM) - Tracy Guerrette is right back where she had basketball success. Guerrette led the Wisdom Pioneers to the State Championship back in 1998.

She then went on and played for the UNiveristy of Maine and after graduating spent some time with Athletes in Action.

She also has coached the Unviersity of Maine Presque Isle women’s basketball and softball teams

Guerrette has had quite a journey over the last 25 years and is now back in her home town as an Assistant Coach with the Wisdom Pioneers. She just wants to give back to the community that did so much for her.

(Tracy Guerrette):” I just try to help Coach Scott as much as I can and help the players as much as I can, but he is in charge. He is the leader and I am the support.:

It doesn’t seem possible it was 25 years ago that Tracy Guerrette led the Pioneers to a State Championship. She is now helping to coach the children her former classmates and teammates

Guerrette:” It’s amazing to sit there and look around to look around and see that I played with their parents. It makes me feel really old. I see that throughout the County. A lot of these young women and I am thinking of SAHS, but other schools too. A lot of these players who had parents who played with me at that time.”

Scott Pelletier is the Wisdom head coach and said that he feels very fortunate to have Guerrette on the bench with him.

(Scott Pelletier):” What can I do to help. She has brought balance. The girls really love her on the team, and she brings good vibe and energy.”

(Abbie Lerman):” She is always someone we can lean on and talk to. She is a great role model.”

(Olivia Ouellette):” We are so happy to have her as a part of our team to have her cheering on us from the sidelines and there to coach you.”

(Lilly Roy):” She has been really good to us. She played at Wisdom and gives us insight into her seasons.”

He said having someone with her experience is very beneficial and it gives the two of them a chance to work on making the team better on both ends of the court.

Pelletier:” Her focus is to help on the offensive side of the ball while I focus on defense. "

Guerrette has had so much success in her athletic career not only in basketball but also in other sports like marathon running where she just missed qualifying for the Olympic trials. She wants to be a role model and hopes to help them bring another gold ball to the school

Guerrette.:” To help them develop their fundamentals and be the best they can be as a player. That is my focus and my goal, but more than that I just want to be a good role model. Having that relationship with them and instilling confidence in them and extending that belief I have as a coach in them.”