Fort Kent girls ready for the post-season

Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 6:14 PM EST
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) - The Fort Kent Warriors girls basketball team hopes to host a preliminary playoff game this season. The Warriors will use the experience to build to the future because they are starting several underclassmen this season.

(Kelly O’Leary):” We are very young actually. We only have two seniors, a bunch of juniors and some really solid sophomores. We had a good freshmen come in as well so we will be good for two or three years.”

Larissa Daigle is one of the only seniors on the team and she has been focusing on leading by example.

(Larissa Daigle):” I have been a starter for four years. I know what it is like and I can bring the team up if anyone is down.”

Daigle says they are focusing on a winning culture and knowing then can compete with anyone on their schedule.

Daigle:” The past three years has been a rebuilding year and this year I know our culture is very strong.”

The Girls all know each over very well. Many of them are members of the soccer and softball teams and they just enjoying spending time together.

(Julia Cyr):” We know each other pretty well outside of sports too. It helps us. I am pretty excited we have all been playing together since we were little. We just have to keep our heads the game because it is tough mentally, but we can go pretty far.”

Sophomore Lilly Oliver says that everyone busy into the system and contributes

(Lilly Oliver):” We have really good defense and our offense is starting to get better. It is a tribute to our wins and we have some really good scorers.”

The team knows that success breeds success, they have probem that on the soccer field and now it is carrying over to the basketball court. O’leary knows that this year’s team will plant the seed that future teams will use to gain more success on the hardwood.

O’Leary:” Build for the future. We are competitive already and I think we will be pretty good by the end of the year.”