Moosestompers weekend brings community together for outdoor fun

Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 1:27 PM EST
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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - The popular Moosestompers event was held in Houlton this past weekend. News Source’s 8 Isaac Potter was there and has the story.

The cold temperatures didn’t stop the town of Houlton getting together for the annual Moosestompers event. The event is all about people getting together and enjoying some fun outside. Some of the events include a sliding hill, skating, snowshoeing, snowmobile rides, fireworks, and more. Nancy Ketch is a member of the Moosestompers committee and says this event is an exciting time in the town.

Nancy Ketch:“Really really look forward to it. I think there was some people disappointed about some the cancellations, but most everyone understood that it just wasn’t safe. But it is one of those events, I know personally every year people will come up to you, and just say oh thanks, kids look forward to this every year, they are having a blast, and they can just go go go all day and have a blast. Other than maybe buying some concessions, don’t even have to spend any money thanks to our generous sponsors. So it is really cool.”

With the temperatures around Aroostook County on Saturday, some events were either canceled or postponed until Sunday.Despite the changes, Ketch said the changes didn’t interfere with the other events originally planned for Sunday.

Nancy Ketch: “A few years ago, we had some really cold weather on Saturday and we pushed a lot of stuff to Sunday, and it actually worked out well. So the last few years Sunday has been our kids day where we have the half dollar scramble and a lot of that stuff. So in that respect, the Sunday stuff didn’t really get interfered with. Like the ski trailer would’ve been here both days, the sliding hill would’ve have been available both days, so it was just one day instead of two. So it actually wasn’t as difficult this time as it was a few years ago.”

Peyton Goodwin was a volunteer and dressed up as the Moose. She says she always enjoys getting to see the kids having fun.

Peyton Goodwin: “It is so much being the Moose, because you get to see all the little kids having fun. And they all want to take pictures with you and it’s fun to be able to see them and think you are an actual Moose.”

Goodwin and Ketch say the best part about the event is seeing the community come together.

Peyton Goodwin: “The best part would be probably be, because everyone likes to have fun. We have a sliding hill, cross country skiing, and half dollar scramble. It’s fun seeing the kids running around having fun.”

Nancy Ketch: “To me it’s the community, it’s a wonderful community event. The business community supports it with sponsorships, the community itself comes out and attends, the volunteers that assists us with things, it’s just amazing and it’s so fun to see the smiles on the kids’ faces. That’s what it’s all about, thats why we do it.”

A fun filled day being outdoors with the community. Isaac Potter News Source 8.