Wisdom Lady Pioneers Continue To Win In Their Quest For The Gold Ball

Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 9:41 PM EST
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St. Agatha, Maine (WAGM) -Undefeated and Near the top of class d puts the wisdom lady pioneers in good position once again to make a run. But they don’t just want to just get to the tournament this year, they want to win it all and bring the gold ball back to St. Agatha.

Olivia Ouellette:” I feel like we’ve been doing very well so far in the season, we’ve had some struggles, but I think we’ve worked past that and I’m excited to get to tourney time”.

Lilly Roy:” I think we’re a very close team cause we all play every sport at wisdom most of us, so we have a lot of chemistry and were very tight”.

Abbie Lerman:” We’re definitely a hard-working team, i mean we grind, our defense is suffocating, and we run the ball, we push the ball up the court”.

The Lady Pioneers are once again a dominating force in class d and will be one of the top contenders. on the way, the pioneers will not be overlooking any opponent as they work towards their goal.

Lilly Roy:” We always try to play like were down by 10 so it keeps our intensity up.

Olivia Ouellette:” We don’t overlook any opponent; we always look at them as like an opponent we have to get by and to be beat. So, we go in and we work just as hard as we do for any other game, whether it’s a tougher team or an easier team.

Every team no matter how good they are will have adversity they will need to overcome, For Head Coach Scott Pelletier, one big moment that stands out to him is their comeback win over Fort Kent.

Scott Pelletier:” What I saw was the leadership you know after calling timeouts and the talk at halftime, those senior leaders in particular was like you know we’re going to do this, we got this, got to stay focused, stay poised. And that was a game where we kinda escaped with a one-point win but, i think what what’s important is in those; their clutch, they’re not worried, they’re not panicking, if their down, they know they can find a way back”.

The Pioneers are peaking at the right time and know they will need to step it up overall once tournament play begins. and in terms of whether they can be successful or not, Assistant Coach Tracy Guerrette says it’s all about a common goal and believing in yourselves.

Abbie Lerman:” Like I said push the ball, our defense needs to be 100 percent, we all have to be on our game at the same day and i think we can go far”.

Tracy Guerrette:” well the difference between like the most successful and those that could be successful is a common goal and belief in themselves. and i really truly think that this year this team is better, It’s a better team than years past, and I think its because they’ve been so committed, and they worked really hard, and they’ve come together, and they’ve been playing with each other for such a long time. But i think it’s that goal, and i think we’re all on the same page as far as the goal that we desire is to do well in the tournament”.

As they conclude another basketball season, the road to success is front of them, but know it’s up to them whether they come home with a gold ball in their hands.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.