Wisdom Boys low on numbers, but big on heart

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 6:11 PM EST
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St Agatha, Maine (WAGM) - The Wisdom Pioneers boys basketball team has just seven players on the team, but they are not letting their low numbers affect them on the court.

They are hoping to host a preliminary game and make the trip to Bangor

<(Nathan Boynton):” A small team very close knit. A team that loves to work together. Have to overcome some obstacles in practice because we can’t do five on five or four on four. "

The Pioneers lost a few games early in the year, but since then they have stepped up their game and are ready to take part in the post season.

Boynton:” We have come a long way since the beginning of the season. We are improving just in time for the tournament.”

It is a fine line when you have such a short bench because your substitution pattern has to change and players are on the court for more minutes. Boynton said the key is to pay attention to the players on the court and listen to them.

Boynton:” Practices are limited we try to modify things down from a five on five standpoint. We focus more on positioning of players. Rest is huge hydration recovery. It’s things we take seriously.”

The key was getting the team to buy into the system and to believe in each other.

Boynton:” I think a lot of it confidence. We are a fairly experienced team, but we have a lot of people stepping into bigger roles.”

(Logan Legasse):” I honestly think it would be confidence also because some people would be passing the ball right away. As we started being more confident with the ball and handling the ball it was a lot better.”

(Kaden Daigle):” I feel pretty good about my team this far in the season. We came a long way. The chemistry just got better within the past month and just been rocketed out.”