Presque Isle Lady Wildcats Put The Regular Season Behind Them, Turn Attention Toward The Playoffs

Published: Feb. 13, 2023 at 4:20 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The Presque Isle Wildcats girls basketball team had some ups and downs on the basketball court this season. They are now turning their attention toward the playoffs, Taking each practice and game one game at a time.

Jorja Maynard:” I feel pretty good about our team, we’ve definitely grown during the season, our defense has gotten a lot better. And just as everybody else has said our offense has developed throughout the season and i think we’re getting to the point where we’re all comfortable”.

The Presque isle girls are relying on a mix of seniors and underclassmen. With a younger team, they have had some growing pains as they learn new roles.

Rossalyn Buck:” In the beginning of the season, we had two returning starters. So, everyone just kind of had to find their new roles on the team, which takes some adjusting but throughout the season, everyone has stepped up into their roles and that has really helped the team come together”.

Krystal Flewelling:” There are growing pains, there coming into new roles on a team. They may have been a bench player, or maybe not a player they went to (to) score, and they had to step up in those roles. And that takes time, it’s not just show up and fill those roles wonderfully, you have to work for it, you have to grow, you make many many mistakes, and you have to kinda get through that to be where we are right now”.

Much has changed for the cats, such as being under new leadership with Head Coach Krystal Flewelling. Under her guidance, The players love the energy she brings and her insight.

Rossalyn Buck:” Coach Flewelling has brought a different energy to the team. It was a little bit of a adjustment going from like male coaches to female coaches but overall I think we’ve adapted very well and their great coaches”.

Anna Jandreau:” We’ve loved it so far; she brings really good energy with us. Like, bringing in new rituals, we had the same coach for 20+ years so, just having new insights on things, new plays, all that sort of stuff. And also having a woman as a coach has really helped a lot just because of the bonding experience for us, it’s a lot easier to make good connections”.

One of the focuses for the wildcats is the offense and trying to get it going early. Another one is with being familiar with the teams they will possibly matchup with in the postseason. the team is focusing on what they can control.

Anna Jandreau:” Getting things going like right from the beginning of the game, and like offense keeping it going always, waiting for the good shot, not forcing things. Going into tournament, we’ve really started to rather then look at our opponents, cause we’ve gotten familiar with everybody, we’ve really started to work on us and making every aspect of our game better”.

Their place in the standings might not be what they set out for at the beginning of the season, but they did the most important thing, giving themselves a shot. And if this team can make it to Bangor, anything can happen.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.