Presque Isle Annexes Maysville, Presque Isle Historical Society 60th Anniversary

Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 5:35 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - “The month of February is the 140th anniversary of Presque Isle annexing the town of Maysville. So, if you look at these Roland Colby access maps from 1870, you’ll see the two maps. And Maysville sat directly above Presque Isle, between Presque Isle and Caribou. Each town was considered a township, which was 6 miles wide, by 6 miles high if you will. So, when we annexed Maysville, we doubled our land mass and became a double township. The interesting thing about this is both towns where founded about the same time, around 1828 and in 1859, which is this document, which came out of the vault from the city of Presque Isle, this was April 4th of 1859, this document is what incorporated the town of Presque Isle. And at that time, if you were to read this lovely, scribbly handwriting that they had back then, if you look at section four, right here, it says the town of Presque Isle and the town of Maysville in the County of Aroostook will unite and incorporate into a town, named Presque Isle. So, in 1859, Presque Isle tried to annex Maysville. Maysville didn’t want anything to do with that at the time. So, it wasn’t until February of 1883, 140 years ago this month, that Presque Isle actually was able to annex Maysville and it was on February 14th that we became a double township.” Kim Smith, Presque Isle Historical Society Secretary and Treasurer.