Big Rock Mountain Hosting Giant Slalom for Alpine State Championships

Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 7:44 PM EST
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Mars Hill, Maine (WAGM) -The 2023 Class B Alpine State Championships will be stopping at Big Rock Mountain for the Giant Slalom. Not only does it allow county racers to stay close to home but it’s also important for the community

Aaron Damon:” You know it’s really been fantastic to have the race back here at big rock mountain, its been four years since we hosted one of these and we’re just really excited to have these racers come out and enjoy the hill”.

Aaron Damon, the assistant general manager at big rock, is talking about the 2023 Class B Alpine State Championships taking place at Big Rock Mountain on February 21st . One of the reasons having the giant slalom race in Aroostook County is crucial for the community is the many racers it brings from downstate to the area.

Aaron Damon:” What’s really great about working with the Maine Principals Association and getting this race here up in Aroostook county is that it drives all this traffic up here and during a week that is really important to the mountains operations, its been a fantastic experience getting the race set up”.

The race will be split between the two ski areas in the county. Lonesome pines will take the first day of the Alpine races and big rock the next day. Mike Voisine of the Lonesome pine ski area says this partnership may lead to future state meets being held in the county.

Mike Voisine:” I think its going to work well and it will only ensure our future state meets together here hosting and not going so long of times in between”

A lot of preparation is being done for the race at big rock, With the team there working hard to make sure the course is all set for the big day. There are already racers at the mountain getting in their reps.

Aaron Damon:” Things are really heating up here at the mountain, we’ve got people out practicing tonight, their going to be practicing on Saturday and Sunday just getting really ready for this meet”.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.