A Cloudy Day Overall with Scattered Showers This Afternoon

Vanessa's Monday Morning Forecast
Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 7:57 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Good morning and happy Monday. We had a quiet weekend weather-wise with some partly cloudy skies for both days. Clouds have stuck around this morning, but that has allowed for our temperatures to remain well above average for this time of year. Most spots have already started off this morning into the the upper 30s. However, we have been dealing with some winds sustained out of the south, so that has been causing our feels-like temperatures to be into the upper 20s.

This Morning's Weather Setup
This Morning's Weather Setup(WAGM)

This morning’s weather setup shows a weaker front off towards our west that will spark some chances for showers later on in the afternoon. While high temperatures are expected to peak into the lower 40s, we do look to reach that point pretty early and because of that I am thinking most of the showers we will see this afternoon will be in the form of some snow. It’s not until later on in the week where there will be some more widespread snow showers from a stronger front off to our west also causing our temperatures to cool off.

Tonight's Lows
Tonight's Lows(WAGM)

Timing things out for you for the rest of today, we won’t see any breaks in the cloud cover throughout the day. Showers do not look to develop until we head into the afternoon. Anything we do see will be quick to move out of the region based on how scattered they will be, but it is likely it will cause some slick conditions on the roadways in time for the evening commute. While we will be left with some lingering cloud cover initially, they do look to break apart quickly eventually transitioning us to some partly cloudy skies. With clearing skies, our low temperatures will fall back into the lower single digits. Points west will have a better chance at seeing overnight lows fall back below the zero degree mark, because of losing the cloud cover a bit quicker.

Tomorrow's Highs
Tomorrow's Highs(WAGM)

Tomorrow’s highs will only peak into the lower 20s as we continue to hang onto the cloud cover. This will be the better chance for catching any breaks and seeing some more sunshine. It’s not until later on in the week where we will see some more widespread snow developing.

For more on today’s forecast tune in to this morning’s Weather on the Web Video Forecast. Have a great day!