Local community comes together to collaborate on Community Art Project

Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 10:30 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Many in the local community came together throughout the summer to work on a community art project.

Throughout the Summer of 2022, the Aroostook Partners in the Arts set up art stations at different events, inviting community members to make four by four pastel drawings. These drawings ended up being put together in one big collaborative piece of art work. Shelby Pelletier, who is a board member of the Aroostook Partners in the Arts, says about 100 locals worked on the project. She says it was neat seeing the community come together.

Shelby Pelletier, Board Member of the Aroostook Partners in the Arts, says “We have collected over 100 different little pieces of art. But obviously at each event, we would have different people. We would stop them and say hey do you want to make a little bit of art for us and it doesn’t matter what you do. For the most part people were actually sometimes hesitant at start, but then really excited about it.”

The project will be installed at the Sargent Family Community Center in Presque Isle. The Aroostook Partners in the Arts will be hosting an artwork dedication Thursday night with music and refreshments at the Community Center at 6:00. They are also starting a fundraiser/silent auction which will be kicking off at the Common Gallery on Friday from 6-8 which is another art exhibit that features art from different community members around the County.