Two Caribou Wrestlers Capture Girls State Titles

Caribou Wrestlers Girls State Champions PKG
Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 7:13 PM EST
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Caribou, Maine (WAGM) - Two Caribou wrestlers have secured victories in the Maine Principals Association Girls State Wrestling Championships in their weight classes. NewsSource 8s Jonathon Eigenmann has the story

Jocelyn Parlin, Caribou Junior:” Winning at states this year helps just show that i can do it, that I can keep pushing myself to get better. I was lacking a little confidence and it definitely helped with that confidence”.

Grace Jean, Caribou Sophomore:” I want to try to win New England State Championship but also wanna work off season to try to get better for next season.

Junior Jocelyn Parlin and Sophomore Grace Jean of Caribou captured individual state titles in the all-girls wrestling championships at Wells high school. And what was both the biggest obstacle and key to their success this year was simply wrestling the boys.

Grace Jean, Caribou Sophomore: " It takes your soul because like you try so hard and you just get beat by them cause they have more muscle but i have been just waiting for all-girls states cause it’s what I’ve been working for the whole season.

Jocelyn Parlin, Caribou Junior: " it definitely helped me, it helped with strength and just like toughness, like it was hard, but it definitely pushed me to be better and work harder”.

Both wrestlers have taken their own unique paths to states as wrestlers.

Grace Jean, Caribou Sophomore:” it was actually Jocelyn that got me into it, she’s been wrestling since 6th grade so. We’re actually wrestling on the gym floor, and she said if i do wrestling, she’ll do football with me”.

Jocelyn Parlin, Caribou Junior:” It’s kinda rewarding, it’s kinda like oh you’re going out and doing a hard thing but, your pushing and; most girls won’t do it, most girls won’t go out and wrestle boys or wrestle girls they think its scary or think its hard but I think its fun”.

The two have developed a close bond being on the team together, and while they are not competing in the same weight class, they are always pushing each other to be better.

Jocelyn Parlin, Caribou Junior:” She’s like my best friend, my little sister. We definitely work really hard together. We push each other, she’s in a heavier weight class so she’s aggressive toward me and it helps and then I’m quick and it helps her, so we definitely work together with our skills”.

Grace Jean, Caribou Sophomore: " We push each other and she’s taught me a lot so it’s; our bond has grew over the seasons”.

No doubt they will continue to grow as there is still plenty of wrestling ahead for both athletes.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.