Presque Isle International Airport looking to build new airport terminal facility

Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 10:30 AM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - The Presque Isle International Airport is looking at building a new airport terminal facility. News Source’s 8 Isaac Potter spoke with the Airport Director to hear the vision for this project.

Changes may be on the way at the Presque Isle International Airport. The Airport is looking at building a new 22 square foot airport terminal that would replace the current terminal. The current building was built in the early 1950′s, and was originally used as an Air Force Fire station. Presque Isle Airport Director Scott Wardwell says the motivation behind the new terminal comes down to three reasons…space, age, and function.

Scott Wardwell, Presque Isle International Airport Director, says “By space, the FAA says we are about half the size of square footage that we should be to meet the needs of the projected passenger loads. The age, the current building was built in the early 1950′s and obviously with a building built that long ago, we are at the stage we are putting remodels on top of remodels.”

Last month, the Airport did a formal presentation to the Presque Isle City Council, and Wardwell says he thinks it is generally supported by the city council. Wardwell adds, the vast majority of this project if it goes forward would be funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, and they are looking and applying to FAA grants through a number of different programs.

Scott Wardwell: “One of what they call the bill program. The bill program became out of the big infrastructure legislation a little over a year ago. And they actually set aside a very large sum of money for modernization of airport terminals. Another source is an FAA supplemental discretionary funding that basically is unspent money from other projects and we have applied to that. But really 70-80% will be in term FAA eligible.”

Wardwell says they will be looking to add an inclusive check-in lobby, baggage handling and concessions to the new terminal. He says the next steps are applying for grants, planning, and continuing to look at the engineering on the project.

Scott Wardwell: “The reason is if you have a project which is pretty much all designed and ready to go, it significantly increases your chances of being awarded a grant. Makes you far more competitive if you have that work all done. So we continue with the design effort, and we continue to apply for grant moneys.”

There will be a building committee team that will be making decisions on the design of the terminal. Wardwell says he hopes to have this project finished by the summer of 2025. Isaac Potter, News Source 8.