SAHS Warriors Are Champions Once Again In Class D

Published: Mar. 6, 2023 at 11:56 PM EST
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Bangor, Maine (WAGM) -The SAHS boys and Girls basketball teams both looked to defend their titles Monday Night in Bangor. Both games were rematches of last year’s state championship contests.

Rene Cloukey is in Bangor and has the details

And We’ve got rematches of last years state championship games in class d, the first one is SAHS and Seacoast Christian and forest hills and SAHS, Here’s a look back at last year’s tournament.

And the SAHS Girls looking for the second straight state title over Seacoast Christian. This was a two point game early in the first quarter, and then the SAHS Warriors turned up the defense and went on a 30-0 run. They were led by Madison Russell and Cami Shields and they both ended up in double figures and the SAHS Warriors will once again bring that gold ball to Dyer Brook, they pick up the 68-30 win over Seacoast Christian. And the SAHS Warriors are back to back State Champions, and for Madison Russell, it was three states during her career. She once again was once of their leading scorers as they Warriors win over Seacoast Christian

Madison Russell:” I feel great, you know its not often someone can say you know three state championships, 4 Northern Maine’s, its you know a great accomplishment, i’m really happy I’ve been apart of the program for this long”

Cami Shields:” It feels amazing, we’ve worked so hard this season so to get here and to accomplish the end goal it just feels amazing. Coach told us before the game defense is going to win this game and if we can create a lot of offense on our defense, we can be successful, and just working hard you know doing all of the little thing so”.

Cliff Urquhart:” Pressure up front was relentless today. We were able to get some back tips when they did break pressure, we rebounded well, and i mean that just sets up our transistion offense. You know, if you don’t rebound and you don’t get steals, we didn’t want to go and set up against that zone all night”.

And the undefeated SAHS looked to cap off a perfect season they were taking on Forest Hills for the second straight year, early in the game, they were able to get the ball inside to Graham Siltz, he ended up with 12 first quarter points as the two teams battled back and forth. Mason Desjardins having a huge game for Forest Hills, he ended in 34 in the game. And after the inside was opened up and they started attacking, it was the play on the outside of Dylan Burpee, He ended up with 36 points including 4 threes. And he led the SAHS Warriors in scoring and also in double figures was Buddy Porter. SAHS picks up the win over Forest Hills by a score of 83-56. They set a new record for threes in a state championship class d game, the old record was 8, they ended with nine.

Graham Siltz:” Yeah we knew that if we can get inside we have some kick outs and they’re be people open on the outside, and that what’s happen and it worked”.

Dylan Burpee:” Graham did great, he would seal them in, and he was working there down there. And then when he would get or like when he wouldn’t have a shot he would just kick it out to me and i would have a wide open shot but yeah we just came out here and we played, Graham helped, everybody came in, they chipped in, yeah it was great”.

Brett Russell:” Before the game, we had to play inside to get outside and once we got it going in that direction, Graham became quite a beast and a force in the first, well first quarter, first half. This is awesome, you know for my daughter to get one as she walks out the door and you know i got my son playing for me here so; and a good group of guys, i couldn’t be happier for all of them”.

Reporting from the cross insurance center I’m Rene Cloukey, Newssource Sports.