USA Football Recognizes Stuart Wyckoff For First Member of the Month Honor

Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 2:41 PM EST
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -The USA Football Community has awarded their first member of the month to Aroostook County’s Stuart Wyckoff, and while he is flattered to receive the honor, he says it reflects more on the program that helps bring the love of football to the county. Jonathon Eigenmann has the story.

Stuart Wyckoff:” It represents USA Football’s Recognition that as a program, we’re doing the right things. We understand the importance of safety, and we understand the importance of solid fundamentals and we understand the importance of solid fundamentals and that we look to them as a resource to learn those things”.

for a long time, The Aroostook Huskies football program has been a driving force of bringing the love of football to the county. It plays a part of not only putting emphasis on playing the right way, but also the values and lesson that football brings to the youth athletics

Stuart Wyckoff:” There’s no sport that better represents what life’s about, the life skills that you learn playing football are just invaluable. And anybody that’s lived knows that life is hard and football is hard. And you can’t get discouraged and quit and when you get knocked down you have to get up and keep going. Football teaches responsibility, it teaches Accountability, it teaches teamwork, it teaches leadership, it teaches how to be led, so i just think football is just super good at representing what you have to know to succeed at life”.

The honor brings a lot of good attention to the program but it’s up to everyone to make sure they keep it up. But the main determining factor for growth lies with the kids

Stuart Wyckoff:” if the kids are enjoying themselves and having fun out there; if they’re learning things that are valuable to them, then we grow. We have kids that played in our program that come back and tell us you know what they got out of it when they were there. Like this year I’m really excited that we got a couple of new coaches on our high school team, just a few years ago were players. And I’m real eager for them to come back in there and explain to the current kids you know what they got out of the program and what it means to them”.

While Wyckoff feels they are a bigger part of the community in the 20 years the program has been around, he hopes the recognition will garner more fans.

Stuart Wyckoff: " I’m hoping that you know people, especially parents hearing that we have a program that was recognized by the National Governing Body of you know Amateur football has a program that’s doing things the right way, you know will help us win fans”.

Jonathon Eigenmann, Newssource sports.