Sledding the County - A Familiar Face

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:06 AM EDT
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Every year the trails of Aroostook County attract thousands of snowmobilers, including one guest who may look familiar to some viewers. Here’s NewsSource8′s Brian Bouchard with this week’s Sledding the County.

“I knew when I was around here I wanted to do a lot of snowmobiling and obviously it was a great opportunity to make it part of work as well”

Anthony Macari, former WAGM Meteorologist and the first host of Sledding the County made the trek from Providence, Rhode Island where he is currently a weekend Meteorologist for WJAR back to Aroostook County to share the experience of Sledding the county with his traveling companions.

“The two people that I’m with today, my brother and my friend Keith they had never been up here to ride snowmobile before so I had to show them what it’s all about.”

Macari and his brother often ride around the state of Vermont, however they say there’s something different about the trails of Aroostook County.

“Nothing like it, it’s very different from where were used to in southern Vermont, it’s a lot more winding trails, these are a lot more wide open and it’s really amazing. It’s just nice to take a step back and see open fields, then see like lakes in the background and see pine trees, I don’t know it’s kind of like a mixture of everything, it makes me smile.” says Michael Macari – Anthony’s Brother.

Macari even ran into some viewers from Rhode Island when his group took a ride down to the ghost trains. He says it won’t be his last trip back to the County.

“The clubs have done a fantastic job and it’s so easy to pile on miles here and you go from town to town very quickly and they’re all doing a great job so I’d love to come back. What we have here in the county, I think is a special place, and I’m always following around online and I can see it seems like more and more people that are discovering this place, this hidden treasure. It’s far north in Maine for a reason but that’s why we have fantastic snow and the people are just as awesome.”

Macari, his brother and friend wrapped up their time in the County Friday, heading back with to Rhode Island with plenty of memories and a hope to return to the County trails.

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8