Contest Underway To Name Street Running Through New Land Port of Entry in Madawaska

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 11:33 AM EDT
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While construction continues on the new Land Port of Entry in Madawaksa, some are now turning their attention to naming the street running through the new port. NewsSource 8′s Brian Bouchard has the details of a new contest that will do that.

“With the new port anticipated to be substantially complete in late 2023, who better than the residents of Madawaska to help GSA name the new street that runs through the port?”

Alexandria Kelly, Project Manager for the General Services Administration says the contest, which runs from March 3rd to May 31st, will help name the street that runs through the new Land Port of Entry to the new international bridge.

“So this is for students in Madawaska 12 and older, Residents of Madawaska who are residents 6 months or more per year, businesses in Madawaska and local organizations, libraries, non-profits and so on.”

Entries can be submitted both online, or via mail by the contest’s deadline of May 31st with entry forms available at the Madawaska Public Library, Madawaska Safety Complex and at Madawaska Schools. Kelly says later in the summer, a blind panel will be held to judge the entries and a winner will be determined and announced in October.

“You need to provide your name, your address, your proposed name and then we also want to hear about why you think that this is the best name, and that is in 250 words or less.”

Kelly also says there are guidelines for what names will and won’t be considered with the references to accidents or tragedies, names that are insensitive to religion, race or gender, non-sensical and vulgar, unprofessional, disingenuous or otherwise maliciously motivated submissions will be disqualified. Kelly went on to say that they’re trying to ensure that the naming process reflects the cultural heritage of the area.

“This is a really inclusive contest and I know that the people of Madawaska have some incredible names that they’re going to provide us that it will be probably very difficult to make a majority rules decision on.”

The winner will be invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Land Port of Entry set for the Spring of 2024. More information is available at

Brian Bouchard, NewsSource8