Youngsters burn off some energy during April Vacation week

Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 10:24 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Some County youngsters spent the morning running around the Sargent Family Community Center in Presque Isle . The third through fifth graders traded in their video games and time on Tik Tok to burn off some energy and have a great time playing dodge ball.

Andrew Perry):” I would rather see the kids here running around and dodging the balls than just sitting at home and we offer this activity during April vacation every year. Today is the first day of our two day dodgeball tournaments. Today is third to fifth grade. Just a way to get the kids out and have some competition.”

The youngsters were all looking forward to the exercise and being active. Kids from the Easton, Presque Isle and Washburn Recreation Departments took part and they all had a smile on their face.

(Jordan Lavaway):” I enjoy dodgeball because I really like sports. There is a lot of moving and I just like throwing stuff.”

(Peyton Hallett):” I just like it because it is a simple game. It is fun to play with your friends and it is a little competitive that makes it even more fun.”

(Sydney Sponberg):” I like to do it because I like to play with friends here in Presque Isle and have fun with friends that we do know and friends that we don’t know and meeting new friends.”

The teams are vying or the gold dodgeball trophy. This is the first year that the winning team will receive the gold ball.

There is a strategy to success in the sport.

Lavaway:” Not throw it where they can catch it and try to catch the balls they throw.”

Hallett:” I think it is just practice and work with your team. You can’t have just one person who leads, you have to work together. Teamwork is the key to this game.”

Sponberg:”It takes practice to really figure a strategy. My strategy is to try your best and do what you have to do to do your best.”

The Norther Maine Community Recreation Association holds several events each year to bring youngsters from several communities together.

Perry:” NMCRA we meet once a month and try to put together County events.”

This is just a day to make new friends and to get in your exercise. Hallett expresses the sentiment for many of the people in attendance.

Hallett:” Having fun. There is no way of losing it’s just having fun.”