Northern Maine Moose Girls’ Lacrosse: Ready to Take on First Varsity Season

Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 8:03 PM EDT
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Houlton, Maine (WAGM) -The Northern Maine Moose girls varsity team is brimming with excitement as they prepare for their first varsity lacrosse season. Having dedicated weeks to practice and scrimmages, they are now eager to showcase their skills and make a noteworthy impact on the field.

Meghan Peters, Junior- Northern Maine Moose Player:” It feels awesome, i’m so glad we can get this team together. We’ve all been playing together for awhile so its good that we can finally play at that varsity level that we’ve been working toward our first game on Saturday, should be good.

Led by co-coaches Chris Bossie and Rachel Distefano, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team is embarking on their inaugural varsity season with great anticipation. With each coach contributing their unique expertise, they are focused on cultivating a standout team.

Rachel Distefano, CO-Head Coach:” Just some of the more intricacies of their stick work and shooting and things like that, those are my strong points and my co-coach Chris Bossie more of a; he’s got more coaching experience so it kind of goes together well”.

Despite being a small and young team with only 13 players, including 2 seniors, the Moose are determined to make an impact this season. With limited substitutes available, their success will rely heavily on conditioning and strategic game planning to keep their players fresh throughout each game.

Alexandra Collins, Junior - Northern Maine Moose Player:” During practices we make sure we’re sprinting from drill to the other, when we get our water breaks, its not just we sit there and talk, its we get our water, we go. And then during games and stuff, with our players out on the field, we like to switch out a little bit. so, when our midfielders are running up and down alot, when tend to switch them out with our attack to give them a break or onto defense depending on what the situation is”.

Although some younger and first-time players require further development, the team’s experienced players and natural talent have resulted in significant improvement since their initial practices. Strong leadership has played a pivotal role in their progress.

Rachel Distefano, CO-Head Coach:” We do have some really good leadership , we have some people that have played during the offseason and strengthened their game and we have some brand new players that are just extremely athletic and are picking it up really quick so it should be a very interesting season, i’ve already seen improvement just from the first couple of weeks of practice”.

This season will present its challenges, but the team’s love for the sport and game experience will prove invaluable for their future success.

Meghan Peters, Junior- Northern Maine Moose Player:” To get the experience is what’s going to be a successful season. Any games we can get in; its great to be a varsity sport and just playing those games, getting the experience and then we can carry it over to next year and we can find the successes then too”.

Rachel Distefano, CO-Head Coach:” Playing competitive games, the girls having a good time, wanting to come back and play and giving the other teams a run for their money, showing them what we have and leaving it all out on the field”.

The Northern Maine Moose’s first game will be away against Lincoln Academy this Saturday at 12 pm.

Jonathon Eigenmann, newssource sports.