The Gathering of the Scots event celebrates 20 years

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 10:25 AM EDT
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PERTH ANDOVER, NEW BRUNSWICK (WAGM) - The annual Gathering of the Scots was held this weekend in Perth Andover, New Brunswick as the event celebrated its 20th year. News Source 8′s Isaac Potter was there and has the story.

Family and friends gathered in Perth Andover, New Brunswick for the annual Gathering of the Scots. It was a big year for the event as it celebrated its 20th year of existence.

Danny McClardy, 2022 Grand Chieftain, says “It’s the 20th anniversary, but this society and village is called the Scots colony. 150 years of being here, we celebrate all everything scottish. The background you can hear the pipe bands, and you got the jousting, it’s absolutely amazing. Kilts, a little bit chilly today for the kilts, but its ok. And the people, there is a huge crowd here, absolutely amazing day.”

There were lots of exciting things that were happening at the event like jousting, archery, ax throwing, music, and more. For some, coming to this event has always been a tradition.

Danny Stevenson, Visitor, says “I am here today because my family was from Scotland. They first came to the area on the second boat load, 1874. Came to the Scots colony out back of beautiful Perth Andover here. And I have always attended these games, this is the 20th year since they have had this. I know most of the people that help organize it actually, and my former job I was the manager of the local liquor store so I was always helping them pick out some of the beverages that we are going to enjoy here today.”

McClardy says this event brings people from different parts of Canada and the states.

Danny McClardy: “This is a small Scottish community, but supported from everywhere. The Village is round about, Fredericton, we have people coming from America, The States we all call it here. It’s just wonderful, we get great support.”

Both Stevenson and McClardy says what makes this event special is celebrating everything Scottish.

Danny Stevenson: “It’s special because it celebrates the heritage of the Scottish people, and that seems to be what people do nowadays. You celebrate your own heritage, you may be Scottish, you may be Irish, you may be native, you may be whatever. It’s makes up this beautiful country that we have.”

Danny McClardy: “Because it’s Scottish, what more could you need? You just come and be Scottish with us for the day and I can’t say more with the pipes playing in the background. This is a good life.”

Stand Up: And even though it was chilly here at the gathering of the Scots, it didn’t stop the fun for everyone. Isaac Potter News Source 8.”