Shower Chances Become Isolated, Chances for Thunderstorms Tomorrow

Vanessa's Friday Evening Forecast
Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 7:37 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Good evening and happy Friday. We saw very minimal totals in terms of rainfall going through the daytime today with shower chances becoming more isolated the further we went into the afternoon and evening.

This Evening's Weather Setup
This Evening's Weather Setup(WAGM)

While we continue to have that center of low pressure over the state it is actively weakening and pushing back towards the east. As it does so, it will keep rain showers in the forecast throughout this evening and into tomorrow. However I am expecting those shower chances to be more isolated with some chances for pop up thunderstorms. We finally have some chances at seeing some sunshine for the second half of the weekend as high pressure makes a brief return to the county.

Tonight's Lows
Tonight's Lows(WAGM)

We fall back closer to the upper 40s and low 50s this evening under those mostly cloudy skies however I wouldn’t rule out the possibility for some isolated showers going through the rest of this evening. Because we still do have the presence of some moisture in the air we will likely also be dealing with some patchy areas of fog. Going hour by hour through the rest of this evening, cloud cover sticks around with drier conditions being the trend. I think the better chance for more rain shower activity developing will be centered towards areas to the south based on where this front has set itself up. A lot of the morning hours will likely remain dry with some additional isolated showers likely.

Tomorrow's Highs
Tomorrow's Highs(WAGM)

We don’t quite get to temperatures back towards the average high mark tomorrow. We will finally see most places peak into the lower 60s. The better chance for showers and storms developing will be centered towards the afternoon and early evening. The storm prediction center has shaded in those areas most favorable for thunderstorm development mainly centered towards the southern half of the county. Even though these areas are the most favorable for development, I do think there will be some additional chances for storms through the rest of the county.

SPC Outlook
SPC Outlook(WAGM)

Taking you into the daytime tomorrow starting off with the lunchtime hours, that is when we will start to see that threat for some scattered thunderstorms. Not everyone will be experiencing the thunderstorms so this is a great reminder that if you do hear thunder the best thing to do is to stay indoors. I do think the best chance at seeing thunderstorms develop will be centered towards areas in southern Aroostook because of where this front has been placed as it has weakened. Because we are looking at isolated showers for most of the daytime, I am expecting very minimal totals in terms of rainfall. However areas that do have the thunderstorms will likely have some localized higher totals. The good news is the second half of the weekend is trending sunnier and drier as we start to briefly clear things out with high pressure advancing back over the region.

Sunday's Highs
Sunday's Highs(WAGM)

We go from temperatures below average to temperatures a few degrees above average on Sunday peaking near the middle 70s. Because we do break back out into the sunshine and we do have the presence of some winds, we could see some reduced visibility as a result of some of the smoke from the wildfires in Canada. I’m not expecting it to be as thick as the rest of the northeast had seen, but you might notice some points of limited visibility.

For more on this evening’s forecast tune in to this evening’s Weather on the Web Video Forecast. Have a great weekend!