Respite Program Helping Caregivers in Aroostook County

Published: Jul. 17, 2023 at 4:04 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -the Aroostook Agency on Aging understands the struggles families may go through when caring for aging loved ones Cecilia Morin sat down to speak with the agency to learn about a Respite program they offer to families that desperately need it...

Ruth White: “Respite is a huge very important word for all the caregivers that are out there. Respite is the opportunity to kind of regain your energies to regroup yourself and to take care of yourself.”

The program was formed a year ago to give extra assistance to support caregivers. The Aroostook Agency on Aging offers a yearly grant of 2,000 dollars to help caregivers with everyday needs. Whether you need help bringing a loved one to appointments or need someone to come and help with everyday needs, Respite is there to give that relief to caregivers.

Ruth White: “But this particular program really opens up the scope in regards to how the people can utilize the monies it isn’t just for in-home care it can be used again for self-satisfaction and just purchasing items to help caregivers better take care of themselves”

Ruth Ladner of Easton is participating in the respite for ME caregiver support grant program. She is still working a part-time job as a church musician and between rehearsals, services, and other things she needs to do she is thankful for the program.

Ruth Ladner: “My mother is 94 and is quite dependent on me and I am living with her by myself so I don’t have a lot of back up and consequently the Respite program has allowed me without taking money out of my own pocket to pay people to be with her while I’m doing the things I need to do.

For those struggling with being a caregiver for an aging loved one, you can call Aroostook Agency on Aging to see if you are eligible for the Respite program.