NASCAR fan Steve Doody staying close to the sport he loves.

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 7:21 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Washburn’s Steve Doody is getting a chance to travel all over the United States again this year as the Mobile Marketing Manager for the McDonald’s car driven by Bubba Wallace.

Steve Doody:” We have got around 20 shows this year at racetracks where our paint scheme runs. Usually what happens we have a show at a McDonald’s. The driver either Bubba Wallace or Tyler Reddick come out to the show.”

Doody travels around the Country to promote McDonald’s and the team. This week he is in Watkins Glen

Doody:” I have been to two or three of Bubba’s block parties. It’s been outside McDonald’s stores to help the race team out. We kind of work hand in hand.”

Fans love to be up close with a real car that raced on the Cup Series Circuit and the car that Doody is showing is a former race car.

Doody:” It actually raced in the second Atlanta race last year. It got into an accident, so they don’t use it anymore. They are nice enough to fix it up for us.”

Doody says that NASCAR has leveled the playing field by mandating that all cars are built the same way.

Doody:” It’s what you call a kit car. When you were young you bought a model and took all the pieces and put it together. This car is the same way. You buy all the parts.from certain vendors. You are not supposed to touch any of the parts as far as modifying them.”

Bubba Wallace’s owners are very high profile with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin formed 2311 race team. The numbers are a combination of Michael Jordan’s number 23 and Denny Hamlin’s car number 11.

Doody says one of the highlights for him was the road race at Chicago

Doody:” They basically took Grant Park in downtown Chicago and turned it into a race track.”

The Washburn native has spent several years driving around the country as a mobile marketing manager. He is a huge NASCAR Fan, as a matter of fact during one of his vacation weeks he went to New Hampshire Motor speedway as a spectator to watch the Cup series race. He said that his job is the envy of a lot of NASCAR fans

Doody:” Every stop I make someone comes up to and says when I retire they want my job. They want to give me their phone number and address. It is a very neat job. It is fun to work with drivers. It is fun to work with NASCAR fans. A lot of them it’s the first time they up close to either a driver or some representing NASCAR.”