Learning about differernt types of horseshoes

Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 11:25 AM EDT
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OXBOW, Maine (WAGM) - After Currier put on his pitching demonstratioin. He gave me a tutorial on the differnt types of shoes.

There are horseshoes for people who throw a turn use and shoes for people who throw a flip use and there are some of us who use one or the other against what the shoe is made for. When I started throwing shoes and what you will see a lot around are these royals. These are a very basic shoe. Most of your horseshoe players will throw a turn. They will throw a 3/4 turn or a turn and quarter or a turn and three quarters. I throw a flip. This was first type of horseshoe that I bought specifically for a flip. This is called a California Flip. The way these are set up is they are really heavy on the end. It really helps that shoe flip through the air. This is the type of shoe that I throw. This is an imperial. This is made for a turn shoe. I throw it as a flip. I flip it over like that and throw it with my hand in the middle. Every now and then when you are playing you use somebody else’s shoe and you do well with them, so you go buy a pair and then you never use them again.