Maine DOT hosting On-Demand Formal Public Meeting for Phase 2 of Presque Isle Bypass

Published: Sep. 7, 2023 at 10:03 AM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - With phase two of the Presque Isle Bypass on the horizon, the Maine DOT is looking for the public to weigh in. News Source 8′s Isaac Potter explains how you can learn more.

This area may not look like it now, but soon it will be turned into the second phase of the Presque Isle Bypass. This 5.9 miles of roadway connects Route one at the Westfield town line north to the Conant Road. 44.1 million dollars to fund this part of the bypass was secured about a year ago. Now, the Maine DOT is looking for public comment on the project. They are currently holding an On-Demand Formal Public Meeting for Phase 2 that is open to the public for comment. Bob Watson, the Manager for Maine DOT’s Northern Region, says there are a couple of ways people can access the Maine DOT Public Involvement website.

Bob Watson, Manager for Maine DOT’s Northern Region, says “If anybody has Maine DOT on Facebook, that is where I first saw it, because I obviously have Maine DOT department on my Facebook page. And that’s out there on the Department’s Facebook page, you can access it that way. You can go in just through the internet, I was trying to show someone how to find it last week, and I just went into and typed into my browser, Maine DOT Presque Isle Bypass and through the page you can get into the virtual public involvement page.”

Watson says once in the meeting, you are able to look at the history and plans for the project.

Bob Watson, Manager for Maine DOT’s Northern Region, says “It talks a little bit about the design process, you can actually look at the latest draft versions of the plans for construction. And there is a place to leave comments, if you have comments or questions that will go to the project manager in Augusta, and then she will be able to look at that and answer any questions that anybody has.”

Construction for Phase 2 of the project is anticipated to begin in 2025. Comments will be open until September 8th. Watson adds it’s better to ask questions on this phase of the project as opposed to waiting for the construction phase. Isaac Potter News Source 8.