Ryan Shaw reaches coaching milestone

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 6:54 PM EDT
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EASTON, Maine (WAGM) - Easton Coach Ryan Shaw joined an elite group. Shaw reached the 200 win milestone last evening when the Bears stopped the Katahdin Cougars. He is very humble about the achievement giving all the credit to his players.

Ryan Shaw:” I haven‘t scored one of the goals and haven’t made one of the saves. I don’t know what it is but the kids have bought into what I have been trying to teach them. The kids have just bought into what I have been trying to teach them. They just work every single day. I have more fun at the practices than I do at the games just being around the kids and seeing how hard they work.”

Shaw has been at Easton for the past 15 years and prior to that coached five years at Class A Hampden Academy where his team won a Regional Championship. The Mars HIll native says there was an adjustment when he took over the Easton program.

Shaw:” I had six kids for my first two weeks after I got here. You cut kids in Hampden, you had a JV and Freshmen program as well. I fell in love with the kids. Those first two years we took our lumps, but those kids worked so hard, and I got to tell you I got addicted to it.”

The Bears have had success during Shaw’s tenure. Back in 2013 they lost to the Bangor Christian in the Regional Championship game They have also made several playoff appearances in the last 15 years and won many playoff games. Shaw said that every player on the team has a role in the team’s success.

Shaw:” I want everyone to feel important because especially at a small school at some point you are going to rely on them, and I want them to be ready. I always try to spend extra time with the kids who might not quite there, or soccer isn’t their biggest thing going for them. If I can get them working and pushing the other kids it helps build a consistent program.”

Easton has become a hotbed for soccer with large crowds at many of the home games.

Shaw:” Now it’s a great atmosphere and the place is packed every single game.”

The veteran coach also said that players are getting hooked on soccer at a young age.

Shaw:” Everybody wants to play. I went to Star City Syndicate two weeks ago and behind the stage everybody is playing soccer. There must have been 30 or 40 kids playing soccer.”

The Bears are once again considered one of the teams to beat in Class D. Shaw will probably add several more wins to his career total by the end of the season, but he once again stresses it’s the players who have helped him be successful.

Shaw:” It’s all about the kids and the work they put in. I have been fortunate that they have always worked their guts out for me. Whether it was in Hampden or Easton and that is the reason we got to this. It’s nothing I have done.”