Installation of the New MRI at Cary Medical Center

Updated: Sep. 22, 2023 at 10:07 PM EDT
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - A New MRI was installed today at Cary Medical Center. This is their second big installation this year. The first was their new CT scanner. Cary Medical Center has been working towards getting a new MRI in their facility for some time. And now it’s finally happened.

Registered Nurse and CEO at Cary Medical Center Kris Doody was there to watch the installation

Doody said, “Watching the magnet just lower into the roof was just so exciting and it actually brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to see that you know for a rural hospital independent hospital tucked away in Northern Maine we do have the latest technology we have the best MRI not only in the county but in the state of Maine.”

The 11,00-pound machine was lowered into the building using a crane. The New MRI will cut down on scan time and in turn, will help Cary Medical Center get to more patients each day.

Radiology Director, Brandon Lavoie said, “What’s different about this one compared to our previous magnet is that we can have increased image quality as well as a lot of patient comfort such as faster scanning times, a bigger bore as of today it is the biggest bore magnet in the entire state and with new technology it is reduced noise reduction. So quieter faster bigger.”

The new MRI is beneficial to patients and staff alike. The MRI offers patients a more relaxed experience and it offers staff in the radiology department a more detailed scan.

Medical Director of Radiology, Shawn Laferriere said, “The new system comes with a bunch of new technology including motion correction kind of technologies so if the patient does move the equipment can account for that and it’ll give you clear crisp image. And the system comes with an MR theater so with folks who have to have a scan where it’s headfirst, you’ll be able to be emersed with fish or the oceans or forest and take your mind off of the scan and be a much better experience.”

The staff at Cary Medical Center is excited to see how this MRI will offer the best patient care.

Lavoie said, “It is going to be no doubt a great benefit for Cary Medical and this community as a whole.”

Doody said, “It means a lot to our patients but especially to the wonderful team we have right here in our radiology department. We’ve had an exciting year with our new CT scanner and now with our new MRI. We just want to give our patients and our people the best equipment possible. ”

Cary Medical Center’s next step will be to install a brand-new bone density machine within the next couple of months.