The Halloween Spooktacular

Published: Nov. 4, 2023 at 7:35 PM EDT
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HOULTON, Maine (WAGM) - Halloween might have been last Tuesday, but hundreds of youngsters in the Houlton area were dressed up and trick-or-treating on Saturday. Over the weekend the Halloween Spooktacular event drew in a huge crowd of parents and children dressed in costumes.

Jane Torres, from the Houlton Chamber of Commerce, was in charge of setting up the event.

Torres said, “It’s a fabulous event we get over 1200 children to this. "

The event is a team effort put on by the Rec Center, the Houlton Chamber of Commerce, and the store Serendipitous Dragonfly.

Torres said, “There’s some interactive games. Serendipitous Dragonfly their fingers in the thing

Ava Wells was representing Serendipitous Dragonfly at their table.

Wells said, “We have some little boxes where kids can reach their hands in. They’re guessing what’s inside just by touching.”

Wells says each kid receives candy whether they guess right, wrong, or even take a quick peep to solve the mystery.

Torres said, “They get lots of candy. Trust me they get a lot of candy at this event. But the kids it’s not so much about the candy. It’s about seeing the other kids and what they have on so that’s really fun.”

The excitement of candy may draw the kiddoes in but all of these costumes are a sight worth staying for. Romen Jackett and Mason Jackett shared with us what they were most excited about.

R. Jackett said, “To get candy!”

M. Jackett said, “Well I’m most excited to get candy almost but I’m excited for all the kids dressed in costumes because I really like it. I’m dressed as Iron Man, Tony Stark.”

The event was completely free to all who attended. Folks also had their pictures taken with these fun backdrops. And kiddoes who dressed up got to enter a costume contest towards the end of the event.