People across Aroostook County wear red to support Lewiston

Published: Nov. 6, 2023 at 1:55 PM EST
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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine (WAGM) - The Lewiston Career Center challenged people across the state of Maine to wear red in support of Lewiston on Tuesday, November 1, 2023.

The color red was chosen because of the popular image of Maine with a red heart that has been circulating after the shooting in Lewiston last week. The hope is that the challenge will show support and solidarity for those who need strength during this difficult time. Many people across Aroostook County participated in the challenge today, from individuals to entire workplaces.

Jamie Guerrette, from the Aroostook County Action Program, spoke about why ACAP participated in the challenge. ”We all kind of feel like there’s not much we can do, but if this was our chance to kind of show support through social media that was really great,” Guerrette explained. “Everyone here kind of has their own connection or own reason, either they knew someone in Lewiston, they lived in Lewiston, everyone has a connection somehow. So to be able to just kind of show support together was really encouraging today.”

The challenge aims to not only show people in Lewiston that their Maine community is standing with them but will remind the people across the state that Mainers are continuing to stand together.