Flag Raising Ceremony for Veterans Day

Published: Nov. 11, 2023 at 8:22 PM EST
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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) - Many Folks around the County came together to honor those who have served. Fort Kent had their own Flag Raising Ceremony to honor veterans. The ceremony took place at the elementary school. There were multiple guest speakers and even a guest singer who sang the National Anthem. One of the guest speakers was Veteran Leroy McKenzie who originally had the idea to have the ceremony at the school and open it to the public.

Principal of the school, Robby Nadeau said, “Leroy to talk about the importance of the flag on Veterans Day to our students so it was the ideal place. We’ve often had a flag raising and a flag folding just for our students. But it terms of an event like this this was the first year.”

Retired Air Force Tech Sergeant, Alfred Mckay, was also a speaker at the event.

McKay said, “It’s an honor of all those who have served are serving or will serve. The cub scouts in there, they’re getting siked --handing out flags-- they’re having a good time and that’s what it’s about. Today’s youth are going to be tomorrow’s leaders and the Legions’ going to make them better leaders.”

The flags handed out by the Cub Scouts were stuck into the ground in front of the school by all the folks who attended the flag-raising ceremony.