19 year old Houlton man arrested after dispute

On Saturday, December 16th, the Houlton Police Department was dispatched to the Foxcroft Road for a reported dispute.

Officers say they arrived at the scene and saw an ongoing verbal argument.

Officers made contact with both parties and began an investigation of the incident.

During the investigation, the involved male, 19 year old Joseph Dobbins of Houlton, began to be uncooperative and confrontational.

Officers say they tried to gain compliance but Dobbins refused.

Officers then proceeded to secure Dobbins when he refused to comply and became threatening and physical with the officers.

The officers say they unsuccessfully attempted to restrain Dobbins, eventually deploying the Electronic Weapon System. As a result, Dobbins was restrained, charged and taken to the hospital for observations.

As a result of the physical confrontation, an officer was assaulted and suffered injury. He was transported to Houlton Regional Hospital where he was treated and released.

Dobbins has been charged with assault on an officer, refusing to submit to arrest or detention and criminal mischief. A probation hold was placed on Dobbins as well.