3rd graders plant for the community

For 20 years, groups of 3rd graders have convened in the colorful confines of Corriveau's Hilltop Blossoms in Wallagrass to plant flowers and vegetables for their community.

This year, the streak was in danger of being broken by the coronavirus.

(Tamar Philbrook SOT): This service project has been taking place for the last 20 years. It started with a small grant and has grown astronomically over the years and the 3rd graders have always fundraised but this year they weren't able to fundraise because of covid-19."

Tamar Philbrook has been the teacher at the center of these trips to Corriveau's.

She was determined to keep this service learning project going for her students.

(TP): The kids know when they come to 3rd grade they're going to have the opportunity to do this service learning project and so from day 1 we start talking about it. And this year I thought it wasn't going to happen but with the gracious community and the unbelievable support of the and the generosity of so much people have made this possible."

The students are planting for a number of care facilities in the community.

(TP): "The students are planting for two local nursing homes as well as Maine Medical Center,the veterans memorial, the local town library as well as the high school and the elementary school."

Chase Corriveau is the son of the owner, Randy Corriveau. He has seen the project happen from afar over the years.

This year he's a 3rd grader and happy to take part with his friends who he's missed.

(Chase Corriveau): I couldn't see them before because of coronavirus and now I can see them."

Denise Corriveau, wife to Randy, believes what these 3rd graders are doing will bring much joy to those in the community who need it during this time.

(Denise Corriveau): "Right now in the nursing facilities, the residential facilities...families are not allowed to visit their loved ones who are in there right now. This is going to bring them joy seeing these flowers outside. At Crosswinds they tend to the vegetables in the planters and it gives them something to look forward too."

Many donations were made to ensure the continuance of this project. Tamar is reminded about how much this project means to the community.

(TP): How much this project means to the community. They're so used to for years seeing these beautiful barrels of flowers out and the name tags of all of these students who have participated. They wanted to make sure the project continued."

Following our interview on Tuesday, Tamar wanted to add that this project gave families something positive to focus on. She says it was good for everyone's heart.

Daveson Perez News Source 8.