4 injured in accident on the Caribou bypass

Four people sustained minor injuries earlier yesterday when a vehicle leaving the bypass in Caribou struck another vehicle traveling north on the Van Buren Road. Officer Dwight Wilcox of the Caribou Police Department says Fonda Anderson, age 57, was exiting the bypass, turning north, and may have been blinded by the sun, causing her to strike a northbound Town Taxi driven by 53-year-old Lyanne Moholland (Lee-Ann Mo - hall - and). Anderson, Mulholland, and a fair riding in the taxi sustained minor injuries. 77-year-old Marion Campbell, owner, and passenger in the car driven by Anderson complained of chest and back pain and was transported to Cary Medical Center. Wilcox says both Anderson and Campbell were from Aroostook but were unfamiliar with the area and how the bypass traffic flows.