A Bite of Maine bringing local flavor to people in Virginia

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAGM) - They say if you are ever homesick you can find a place that reminds you of home. I found that here in Virginia Beach Virginia. Humpty Dumpty potato chips, a whoopie pie, Moxie, Lobster Rolls and Poutine. That is all at a Bite of Maine.
A restaurant that specializes in Maine food caught my attention and by the long lines also has become a big hit with residents of Virginia. This is a Bite of Maine and it owned by Melissa Textor who grew up in Frenchville and moved to Virginia Beach. When she moved her she was selling time shares and then decided to go into the food business
(Melissa Textor):" I have a connection in Kennebunk,my Step Father has a seafood store. I would hook up a lot of people with lobsters and then I said you know what I am going to sell fresh seafood. Then it led to people wanting lobster rolls and then fried foods so I needed to get a little bit bigger."
Her father converted a camper into a food truck for her and that is how she started in the food industry. Her restaurant has a true Maine feel to it and sells Maine items including Moxie, Humpty Dumpty potato chips and whoopie pies.
Textor:"If you had a care package and you were far away and you wanted your parents to send it to you. What would it include. The Humpty Dumpty, Moxie, Whoopie Pies. My dad sends me Coffee Crisps.
Red hot dogs are also a huge hit on her menu, that is an item that is a staple in the Pine Tree State
Textor:" I have actually had someone drive all the way from Richmond just to get Red Hot Dogs. That is quite a ways just to get a taste of home."
Her customers come from all over and many are repeat customers driving for over an hour to get their seafood fix.
(Shirley Alexander Hart):" They have the best lobster rolls and crab rolls and the whole belly clams are fantastic."
(Nora Graves):" It really is a taste of New England. I have never had a good lobster roll outside New England except here."
Sandi Strasburg and her son Jacob live in Georgia and are visiting family in Virginia Beach and this is one of the must stops whenever they are in the area.
(Sandi Strasburg):"My husband is a huge lobster fan and my son love lobster. I like lobster, but I prefer crab. I love the idea of they could open one in Atlanta I know the perfect spot for it."
(Jacob Strasburg):"My favorite thing is the lobster roll and that is what I ordered. I like it because it taste good and it is different."
You can tell by her passion and excitement that she is living her dream.
Textor:" My mom was reminding me the other day. When you were little all you wanted to do was make soups. I loved making soups and sandwiches. It is my dream I always wanted to have a little restaurant."

Now after stopping at a Bite of Maine I can return to Maine knowing that anytime I go to that area I have a place that is just like home.