A New Houlton

Published: Jun. 17, 2016 at 3:16 PM EDT
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In January of 1927 the very first transatlantic telephone call was transmitted from Rugby, England and was received in Houlton, Maine. Now years later, a development company has big plans to reestablish this line of communication. The development in Rugby is going to be for six thousand new homes. It will have three primary schools and a secondary school. This community will grow over the next twenty years. James Scott, the developer in England, had the idea that the school children in Rugby and the school children in Houlton could reestablish that former communication.

James Scott, met with the Houlton Community Development Director, a local historian as well as the RSU 29 Superintendent to propose his idea of reestablishing this connection with the students. Scott said, "they can build this connection between the two places and the next generation can carry on the stories so that this is not the forgotten part of the history between the two places. Because more people need to know this story, it's a great story."

Not only does Scott plan to reestablish the connection but he also plans to take a little bit of Aroostook County back to England. The development is currently called the radio station Rugby but the first district of that new place will be called Houlton. So the old Houlton will be in America and the new Houlton will be in England. The students from Houlton and Rugby will not only learn about history but experience it as well.