A new newspaper is getting a sunny response from readers in New Brunswick

"Our focus is trying to connect communities."

It's a monthly newspaper that's community based and community ran.

"What River Valley Sun is, is a paper that's just total focused on the community. We do some hard news but for the most part its features, we're writing stories about the people, about the places, about the events."

Jim Dumville is the managing editor of the River Valley Sun. He and Theresa Blackburn have decades of print media experience and along with Theresa's husband, Stephen they have made this dream of an independent paper a reality. In New Brunswick the majority of newspapers are owned by Brunswick News which is an Irving run company. Other independent papers have started other the years but some have not succeeded.

"We had the Observer, the Hartland Observer, the Woodstock bugle, before that was the Carleton Sentinel and there is a long history of newspaper of print news here and back I want to say 11 years now we had the Carleton Free press open up and it wasn't called the free press because it was free, I think it was for the first few months, it was a play on words related to the fact that it was an independent press."

After a year the Carleton Free Press folded. Ever since then Blackburn wanted to start a community based paper.

"The whole idea was free because people don't want to pay for news anymore."

Blackburn rallied up a group of volunteers interested in freelancing for the paper. So far only a few issues have been printed, but they've seen a position reaction from the community, especially those interested in advertising.

"I think that people want in because they see it as something different, people are gravitating towards and it is being viewed by people and there's nothing in it from anywhere else. We cover from from Nackawic to Beechwood and that's it and we've promised to be ultra-local and ultra-local is what sells."

So while some believe no news is good news, these two are challenging that belief and showing that sometimes a dream can come true with a little help and a lot of hard work.