A program that assists households with their heating costs is changing its name.

What was once called LIHEAP, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is now being called HEAP.

(NAT) "We want to first and foremost remove the stigma that comes with that."

Jason Parent is executive director of ACAP. An organization that assists people in applying for this benefit. He says over the years they've noticed it's not always just low income households that need assistance.

(Parent) "Some individuals are going through a difficult and challenging time for whatever reason, they may have lost their employment they may have been injured on the job and maybe just going through a difficult period of time so the home energy assistance program is just that, it's an energy assistance program for any individual who qualifies."

To find out if you qualify you can contact ACAP. On Thursday, November 15th ACAP, along with United Way and WAGM are partnering together for the 2nd annual Heating Homes with Helping Hands telethon. During that day people will also have the chance to call in to find out if they qualify for HEAP.

Ashley Blackford News Source 8