ACAP & Homeless Services of Aroostook

“Both economic self-sufficiency and family self-sufficiency.”

That’s the goal the Aroostook County Action Program has when it comes to working with clients from Homeless Services of Aroostook.

“To help actually get the clients to move out of the shelter, to find employment, to find housing, and to find a new path in life.”

Jason Parent is executive director of ACAP. He says one of the things they do is provide case management services at the shelter.

“Our case manager actually spends half a day a week at the homeless shelter working with clients there and really that’s when she’s on the ground working with clients, but really works throughout the week as needed.”

Parent says he believes the best way to combat homelessness is if all the organizations in the county work together. He says that’s why it’s so important that ACAP and the shelter work hand in hand.

“I think one of the true blessings of being in Aroostook County that there is a network of folks, so our agency case manager works very closely with homeless services of Aroostook, but also works very closely with Aroostook Mental health services, other mental health providers, people who help with food security issues and multiple programs within our agency our self, from head start, all the way up to the low energy assistance program.”

Parent says ACAP’s case manager typically has 75-80 cases a year.

“Our case manager at the agency shares with me on a regular basis of success story and times when he fall short and I think we strive each and every day to ensure the success stories outnumber those we fall short on.”

Parent says those success stories are in big part to organizations working together to help those in need.