How the Acadian Archives Return Exhibits to Their Owners

Published: Jan. 5, 2019 at 1:55 PM EST
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It takes Lise Pelletier months to figure out what exhibit they want to put into the archives because they have to figure out what type of exhibit they want.

"First you have to have an idea of what you are going to do exactly. Then, as the exhibit progresses, you can see what’s missing or what is in surplus and you just basically play with what you have. If you’re lucky enough, the items that are missing either you’re going to create them or you’re going to borrow them," Pelletier said.

The current exhibit has a mixture of items that were loaned and items that they have created.

"We have some items that are on loan to us from a private collector and she told us to use whatever we wanted out of her items so we have artifacts in addition to having things on the wall. In this case, we used museum panels that had already been created and we added to them. We added illustrations that are relevant to the museum panels themselves," Pelletier said.

When the time comes for a new exhibit, it takes Pelletier and her assistant, Anne, about 3-4 days to take everything down. However, if they have artifacts, they have to be careful when packaging them before they returned them to their owner.

"They have to be picked up individually and wrapped and put in boxes and then made sure that they’re safe and well taken care of in order to get them ready to be transported to their owners," Pelletier said.

They’re always looking to bring in something unique to tell the story of Acadian history.

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