After storm ends, crews will begin task of cleaning up

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 4:03 PM EST
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Maine DOT Region 5 Director Bob Watson says even when the storm comes to an end, the plows will still be out this weekend.

"There'll still be trucks on the road cleaning up from wind and just, you know, just cleaning up, because during the storm we're focused on just keeping the roads open. After the storm, you know, we clean up the shoulders. We may be pushing back places where the wind has blown, things like that. So I know sometimes people get frustrated because they just cleaned their driveways and a truck comes by and fills their driveway. Well there is - there is a reason for that, you know, it's just the way we have to - the way we have to plan our work during an event like this," says Bob Watson.

Watson says the wind will cause blowing snow, reducing visibility, so drivers should use caution, especially during the evening hours. He says drifting snow will also be a concern throughout the weekend.

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