Another light parade is in the books!

Lights, music, and of course crowds of happy people both watching and participating....It’s been 29 years since The Holiday Light Parade started. Organizers say it’s a great kick off to the holiday season.

"It’s overyjoyed. Theres so many people coming in and out of the town, helping out, showing their Christmas spirit. I mean what better off to have it December first, kick off to the holiday season" said Craig Anderson.

Some floats went above and beyond. Others decided that this year, they were going to give back to the community.

"I like that everyone participating. Everyone showing that they care. They support our community what we all as one family." Craig said.

Members of the community are touched by this.

"I really appreciate that and many, many times they’ve given out food and what not, accepted donations for food and I think that’s a fantastic idea! It helps to bring the community spirit together." Jayne King said.

"I like it. I think it’s very nice. It’s very good that the community comes together." Jenny Chavez said.

A beautiful night to help put people into the Christmas spirit.

The winner for the business category was Emera Maine. The winner of non-profit was the University of Maine at Presque Isle. The winner of faith based was Presque Isle Wesleyan Church. General category winner was Little Miss & JR. Miss Mars Hill. The parade champion was Caribou Tech.